2016 Entertainment Line Up

Friday Night

 Get ready for the ride of your life! When you attend a Mustang Sally show, you are transported away from everyday life and into the world that Mustang Sally inhabits: a world where dancing on the bar is encouraged, and spontaneity is king. People are transformed from spectators into participants through interactive songs both edgy and sincere. The Mustang Sally Band name and brand has become synonymous with must-see entertainment!

This group of girls and guys are career musicians, recording professionals and road warriors. Mustang Sally creates “moments” you won’t want to miss! Performing more than 200 dates each year, MSB has shared stages with award-winning hitmakers such as Big & Rich, Montgomery Gentry, Gretchen Wilson, and Blake Shelton. From California to the Northeast to Europe, Switzerland and Asia, taking the spotlight at biker rallies, honky tonks, casinos, fairs and festivals, MSB has performed at the ACMs in Vegas, Starke Bike Fest, White Rose Thunder Motorcycle Rally, Thunder Beach Rally, Easy Riders Rodeo, Oklahoma State HOG Rally, Havelock Country Jamboree and is NO ACT TO FOLLOW!

While the music of Mustang Sally appeals to all ages and walks of life, the band takes particular pride in writing songs that “tell it like it is” for women. Mustang Sally's dedication to their fans can be seen at every show; post-show autograph lines often look more like family reunions as they joke and catch up with returning audience members. Lead singer Tobi Lee puts it best:
“We have the best job in the world, and without our fans, we wouldn’t work!”

Saturday Night - Joe Nichols

"I have been a Nashville guy for a long time and would move back there in a heartbeat, but I also love Texas because it’s the place I want to raise my children. It’s just a great way of life here. When I’m home, there are no crowds, no industry events to go to, none of that. It’s just family, friends and a normal pace of life.

The new music is going over awesome on the road, especially “Yeah,” “Sunny And 75,” and my newest single “Hard To Be Cool.” The other new songs off CRICKETS we play get an incredible reaction, too. As far as the crowds go, my fans have always been so supportive and whether I’m currently on the radio or not, there’s always a packed crowd that is ready for a good time. I’m impressed and incredibly grateful for country fans, because they are amazingly loyal.

I’m also thankful that radio welcomed me back with open arms. I love that I have true friends there who care about me beyond the music and career stuff, because I care about them in the same way. So I’m especially proud to give them music they can play in good conscience. It’s not just my friends hooking me up with airplay, it’s something deserving, and I hope to continue giving them that.

The biggest thing I feel is just that it’s a new day. I’m wiping the slate clean and starting something brand new. I love my old catalog of music – “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off,” “Brokenheartsville,” “The Impossible,” “Gimme That Girl” and the rest. But I’m starting the first chapter of that new book now. I’m pretty sure it’s got a happy ending, but I also hope there are a few surprises for people along the way." ~ Joe Nichols